District Leadership Team

  • District Governor, 2018 – 2019 Jayne Hulbert
  • Chief of Staff Laine Hendricks
  • Immediate PDG Ron Gin
  • District Governor Elect Sue Rokaw
  • District Governor Nominee Mary Bates


  • PDG Advisory Group PDG Eric Schmautz, PDG Jeri Fujimoto, PDG Ron Gin
  • Chief of Protocol Bob Intner


  • Secretary Janet Fogarty
  • Treasurer Bruce Wright

Assistant Governors

  • Jenny Bates (Marin)
  • Larry Harrison (Marin)
  • Bruce Huff (Marin)
  • Bruce Lyons (San Francisco)
  • Anita Stangl (San Francisco
  • Janette Rabin (San Mateo)
  • Mitone Griffiths (San Mateo)
  • Tony Villanueva (San Mateo)


  • Community Service Chair Stephanie Schmautz
  • District Conference Chair DGND Mary Bates
  • Finance Committee Chair PDG Eric Schmautz
  • Insurance Representative Peter Fulchiron
  • International Service Chair PDG Christanne Gallagher
  • Leadership & Development Chair PDG Jeri Fujimoto
    • Leadership & Development Co-Chair Liz Schuck
    • Training Coordinator Bob Gutgsell
  • Membership Chair PDG Ron Gin
  • Public Image Chair Maureen “Mo” DeNieva-Marsh
  • Youth Services Chair David Dye
    • Interact Co-Chair Connor Krone
    • Interact Co-Chair Josie McHale
    • Rotaract Chair Art Kauffman
    • RYLA Director Lynn Luckow
    • Youth Exchange Co-Chair Mark Flegel
    • Youth Exchange Co-Chair Mary Rogren
    • Youth Protection Coordinator Anat Leonard-Wookey
    • Youth Protection Officer and Records Manager Dave Bertini


  • The Rotary Foundation PDG Riki Intner
    • Grants – District and Global David Hellman
    • District Grants Coordinator Cyndy Simms
    • Annual Fund Chair, EREY, Paul Harris Society Gary Chow
  • Chief of Protocol PDG Bob Intner
  • Etcetera Etcetera PDG Chris Gallagher
  • Events Chair DGN Mary Bates; Liz Schuck