Join Rotarians of District 5150 to donate blood on March 21, 2023 from 11AM to 3 PM. Remember: when you donate blood, you give the gift of life. Please share your gift of life, a simple way to show Service Above Self in action.

Why Give Blood?

There’s currently a critical blood shortage and blood donations are being distributed to hospital patients faster than donors are giving. These patients need your help to rebuild the blood supply to sufficient levels. Vitalant (our local blood bank) currently has less than a four-day supply of most blood types available, and less than a two-day supply of type O blood. They strive to always keep a four-day supply on hand to meet the needs of patients every day and be prepared for emergencies that would require significant volumes of donated blood products. 

How to Register:

Click on the link below, and then enter your unique Blood Drive Code: RAFAEL (make sure you type out the entire word)



  • Donors are encouraged to review Blood Donor Qualifications. Donor Eligibility
  • Donors are encouraged to make an appointment in advance.
  • Donors should arrive well-nourished and hydrated.
  • Donors need photo identification with first and last name.
  • The donation process takes approximately one hour (add an additional 20 minutes for a double red cell donation).
  • Double Red Cell Donation – Power up your donation with an automated double red cell donation.