Carrie Chin – Rotary Club of Millbrae – March 2018

Since joining the Rotary Club of Millbrae in 2008, Carrie Chin has truly embrace the motto of “Service Above Self”. She brought a refreshing and charming way of looking at and handling Rotary business. She was our Foundation Chair for seven years and encouraged all of our members not only to give annually but to consider being a part of the Paul Harris Society, Benefactors or Bequest Society. Several achieved the highest per capita in the district several times. Since handing over the responsibilities to other members for raising money for the Foundation, she has continued to work with, encourage and support the Foundation Chairs. Earlier in this Rotary year, she collaborated with a member in our club to have a Polio Plus event. It was very well received and we hope to continue to hold this event in future Rotary years.

Carrie is a big supporter of whoever is the current President. She is a great resource and has been instrumental in making sure each Director of the Avenue of Service is staying on track with the District awards. She has met with them to review and figure out what items can and will be a part of this year’s submission. Carrie and her husband Rick have chaired our main fundraiser. Millbrae Rotary’s Lunar New Year Banquet since its inception 11 years ago. Carrie coordinates the raffle prizes, works on encouraging attendance of all factions of our community and helps assign seats. Because of her work on the Lunar New Year Banquet and the attendance of several Rotary clubs, Carrie encourages our members to attend the other club’s events in reciprocation. In some cases, this has led to joint projects. Carrie served as our Club President with great enthusiasm.