Nine La Dow s a person of action from the Rotary Club of SOMA.  Her accomplishments and accolades over the years as a Rotarian has been unprecedented.

Listed below are just a hand full of activity that she does for the SOMA Rotary and her community:

  • She join the #2 club over 15 year ago and hasn’t stopped being active in the community.
  • An active member on the Community Advisory Police Board for the Bayview District.
  • Procured over 100 bikes a year for our “Bike-4 Vets Give Away”.
  • Hosted “Tip-A-Cop” for Special Olympics at Perry’s Embarcadero.
  • She has delivered a truck load of car seats, strollers and baby goods to Malcom X Elementary School all of the donations were provided by our local sponsor
  • Nine and her team organized a “Donor Dinner” for our large donor as a way to thank them for all that they do.
  • Worked with the local SFPD and our organization to set up the “Multiple Sclerosis Walk” every year.
  • Nine organizes “The Rotary Ladies Girl’s Night Out” once a quarter to build fellowing and team bonding.
  • Has recruited and welcomed our current newest members to our club.  They are Gerard Westmiller, Tom Brady and Enrico Saturay.
  • Instrumental in canvassing cell phone providers for used iPhones for “Operation Genesis” youth trip to Ghana, March 21st.  “Operation Genesis” is an organization that promotes self-confidence in inner-city youth by enabling them to abandon the limitations of fear and begin believing in their ability to achieve success.

Nine is a retired Information Technology Engineer.  She is extremely involved in working with under served youth in our community. Nine just turned 80 years old and had undergone major head back surgery … none of which has slowed her down not one bit.

Once again, congratulations to Nine La Dow from the Rotary Club of SOMA for being our “Rotarian of the Month” in October 2019!  We are “People of Action” and Nine is a great reminder of that!