Barbara Schmidt is from the Rotary Club of Woodside/Portola Valley. She has been a Rotarian since the club’s formation which dates back to the first year that women were allowed in Rotary. Prior to that she participated as both a “Rotary Anne” and an “Inner Wheel” member (in the days before women were allowed to be Rotary members). Inner Wheel was formed by the “Rotary Annes” (women whose husbands were active Rotarians). Because “Rotary Annes” wanted their own club, they formed their own 501(c)(3) and called it “Inner Wheel” based on the Rotary wheel symbol.

Barbara turned 85 years young this past July 2019.

She consistently participates in & supports all things Rotary – both Club & District. She is a major Donor. She is a 4.5 times Club President, serves as an active member on both Club & foundation boards, RI Foundation Chair and heads the Dictionaries Committee. Barbara has held almost every position possible in our club and has done an outstanding job at each post. Singlehandedly, Barbara has recruited a huge percentage of our current members. She supports every Woodside/Portola Valley community functions as well as others in the community without stint.

At 85, Barbara sets an example we all should follow. She is always right eye and coherent. The Rotary Club of Woodside/Portola Valley relies on her mentorship and guidance. She is physically active … working out with a personal trainer and doing a little bit of fencing among other things. She is an example and role model for every Rotarian and deserves the honor of “Rotarian of the Month”.

Congratulations once again to Barbara Schmidt from the Rotary Club of Woodside/Portola Valley for being our “Rotarian of the Month” in September 2019.