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Ready to enhance your leadership skills?

Potential Rotary Leaders Seminars is your leadership development program!

Rotary District 5150’s PRLS program offers practical training in professional circumstances that can benefit you on both a personal and professional level.

The introductory PRLS program consists of six hours of class-room lecture and activities in one day split among five topics:

  • Fundamentals of Leadership
  • Leading a Meeting
  • Rotary, Your Club and You!
  • Effective Communication
  • Public Speaking Essentials

These lectures broadly cover the desired skills our leaders should have to effectively plan, organize, manage, promote, present orally, and lead in any setting. This workshop is the prerequisite for the Master PRLS series.

Master PRLS 5: Project Management & Graduation will be held via Zoom
This workshop is specially designed to put all of your PRLS and Master PRLS skills to work.
We end the day with the Pomp & Circumstance of graduation and receiving the MASTER PRLS pin.
Keep in mind that this class is by invitation only with Master PRLS 1-4 as pre-requisites, so please do not invite any other Rotarians to come along.
The cost of the Zoom seminar is $25 per person, Invoice will be sent to you by email, online payment with a credit card or mailing check will be available.

Master PRLS classes are offered throughout the year.
Master PRLS is a sequenced program of five courses, each requiring attendance of Basic PRLS and specified previous courses as prerequisites.
Master PRLS classes are limited to 20 participants per class.

If you have a question in regards to Master PRLS Registration please contact Ivana Hubertova at ivanahrotary@gmail.com

Registration and Questions
Ivana Hubertova at ivanahrotary@gmail.com