December 2018 Rotarian of the Month:
Michelle Clein of the Rotary Club of West Marin

Michelle Clein discovered Rotary International in 2002 when invited to a meeting of the Rotary Club of San Rafael Harbor by her friend and fellow Realtor, Marti Guerra. Afterwards, Pablo Castro asked Michelle what she thought about the meeting and the guest speaker. She said how impressed she was that Rotarians work to do good in the community, the nation and the world. She then said “too bad you don’t have a Rotary Club in West Marin.” Pablo and others asked if Michelle would be willing to help bring Rotary west of Fairfax; she was certainly willing to try! Michelle’s determination and desire to be of service lead to the creation of Rotary Club of West Marin in 2005.

She is Rotary Club of West Marin’s Founding and Provisional President 2002-2005 and Club President 2005-2007 and 2016-2017. She now serves as Program Chair, Official Photographer, Webmaster as well as on the Membership Committee. She is a 16 year annual donor to the Rotary International Foundation and a multiple Paul Harris Fellow.

Michelle’s infectious enthusiasm for Rotary has inspired her fellow club members to step up and do the important work for their community. She exemplifies Service Beyond Self in her profession as a real estate agent by “going above and beyond” to ensure her clients and properties are well matched. She frequently shares stories of helping her clients in personal matters as well as property transactions. In addition, Michelle is a disaster response volunteer and emergency shelter operator with the San Geronimo Valley Emergency Readiness Group, and is an important leader in West Marin.