For submissions to the District Calendar:

Please contact/send to: Marc McLeran at

What types of club events may be posted to the District 5150 calendar?

Key club fundraising or other singular events which you want other Rotarians and non-Rotarians who will visit the District 5150 to attend. This does not include weekly meetings of your club.

What information needs to be submitted?

  • WORD Document with all the information you want the district to post. This way we don’t retype everything your team has already written down.
  • JPEG format in high resolution of any pictures describing the event.
  • LINK to registration
  • Flier with an “eye-catching” picture/photograph/graphic to trigger interest in the event.
  • The flier should also include:
    • Current Rotary branding (go to, the RI site Branding Center).
    • Date
    • Time
    • Location
    • Cost, if any
    • Contact person and his/her contact information
    • Identity of sponsoring club(s)

For submissions to the District Blog:

Please contact/send to: Laine Hendricks at

What is a blog?

The word “blog” is a website or feature on a website which can be a diary of thoughts, opinions and ideas or reflects commentaries or descriptions. Individuals and businesses use blogs to share thoughts or promote their products or services; some may have an educational purpose to showcase what the blogger knows in order to attract a following.  This means that the “message” or content of the blog needs to be relevant, current, and interestingly written.

How can your club use the District blog to promote your club?

Use the blog to create a following for your club or share the “message” you want to get out about your club.  If a non-Rotarian is viewing the blog, what do you want that person to know to encourage interest in your club, in Rotary? For other Rotarians, what about your club would drive their interest and desire to attend your club events and get to know your club members?

What do you need to submit?

  • 200 words or less written text.
  • An image (graphic/photo) that enhances the content of the blog.