What is a simple way to demonstrate your commitment to Service Above Self and contribute to the broader mission of Rotary International to create lasting change both locally and globally?
Give to the Rotary Foundation.  And we hope that becomes an annual habit for all Rotary members.
“Every Rotarian, Every Year" (EREY) is a fundraising initiative and concept within Rotary International.  The EREY initiative encourages each Rotarian to donate to The Rotary Foundation on an annual basis. The funds raised through EREY are used to support the various programs and projects of Rotary International, including efforts related to education, health, clean water, disease prevention, peace, and economic development, among others.In addition to funding projects around the world, giving to The Rotary Foundation means your club earns District Designated Funds to enable your club to fund future local and global grand projects.
When every member of a club makes a donation of at least $25 (though there’s no limit to your generosity), the club earns a banner celebrating 100% participation. And, when every member of District 5150 contributes, our district receives special recognition, too.
In 2022-2023, 74% of the district’s Rotarians supporting The Rotary Foundation, and this year, 2023-2024, we are appealing to the 26% remaining members to help us close the gap and reach 100%.

Where does the money go?

When you participate in EREY, you are donating to The Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund Share program.  This program funds humanitarian projects in two ways:  roughly half of the funds support projects around the world like global grants, peace centers, etc; the other half comes back to your club at a later date in the form of District Designated Funds, that your clubs can choose to use to support district grants, global grants, or other initiatives.

First time Paul Harris Fellows

If you haven’t earned a Paul Harris Fellow, here’s some incentive: our district will match every dollar you give between now and November 10, up to $250 help you earn a first-time Paul Harris Fellowship, one of Rotary’s most important honors.


For every $25 you donate to The Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund Share between now and November 10, you get to fill out a ticket that will give you a chance to win a Visa gift card in the drawing at Yippie Ki Yay for EREY on Saturday, November 18. The Grand Prize is a card worth $2,000, and other prizes range from $50 to $750. There are 16 prizes in total.
Talk with your club’s Rotary Foundation chair to obtain and fill out your tickets. Some clubs collect tickets before the November 10 deadline, so don’t wait to express your desire to donate! If your club doesn’t have a foundation chair, contact Carrie Chinn for more information.
And remember, there’s no limit to the amount of your donation. The Rotary Foundation will happily accept donations as high as you want to go. The larger the donation, the more chances you get to win a prize.

Let’s get started…

There are many ways to donate!