Human trafficking is a cruel crime—one that exploits vulnerable people for profit without any concern for their humanity. It’s the second largest criminal activity in the world, with only illegal drugs exceeding it, and it’s growing. The United Nations’ International Labor Organization estimates that 27.6 million people are subject to forced labor, and 3.3 million of them are children. It might be forced work, which is essentially modern-day slavery, or sexual exploitation, and it’s everywhere: in our own communities as well as countries that are far away. The ILO reports that more than half of all cases are in wealthier countries and calls for an international effort to address and solve the problem. Rotarians can help by learning how to recognize human trafficking, finding ways to prevent it and aiding its victims.
To give people a greater understanding of the issue and ways to combat it, Rotary Zones 26 and 27, which are comprised of 30 districts in the western United States and British Columbia, Canada, are hosting a joint virtual and in-person People of Action Summit on human trafficking at San Diego’s Liberty Conference Center on Sat., Oct. 1. It will give participants the opportunity to learn from experts and develop action plans and playbooks for their clubs, providing them with strategies for protecting their families and communities from this heinous crime.
Registration is $50 for in-person tickets. Virtual all-access pass links are $50 and several participants can use the same link. Special reduced pricing is available for students and members of Rotaract and Interact clubs. To learn more and register, go to
Human trafficking is a huge challenge, but Rotarians have the power to change the world, and when they work together with a common purpose, they make an impact.