When Rotary International made the environment a seventh area of focus in June 2020, it opened the door to opportunities for Rotarians to make an impact in the world in new and meaningful ways. This September, Zones 26 and 27, which are comprised of 30 districts in the western United States and British Columbia, including District 5150, invite Rotarians to take action and learn more about specific areas of the environment in three People of Action summits. All take place on Saturday, September 10, and are virtual, while two have in-person options as well, giving Rotarians throughout the west a choice of ways to gain new knowledge that they can use to direct their efforts to improve the environment in effective ways.
Green Transportation and Clean Energy
A summit in Green Transportation and Clean Energy comes from San Jose, where Rotarians, community members and industry experts will gather to share new insights on sustainable methods to keep us moving and power our daily lives in better ways. The summit will include presentations and discussions, as well as demonstrations on current and future methods of transportation and alternate fuel solutions. In addition, participants will learn how to create healthier, more sustainable communities and find ways to mitigate the climate crisis from the perspective of policy, technology, practice and equity. District 5150’s liaison is John Mathers of the Rotary Club of San Francisco.
Water: From Source to Sea
The Rotary Club of Newport Beach will host an in-person and virtual summit with water as its theme in Southern California’s Newport Beach. Participants will learn about the crucial link between water and the Earth’s health, and they’ll discover how they can become advocates for clean and healthy water. Hands-on water projects will take place on the same day in the “Big West” Rotary districts, and Rotarians who are involved will develop action plans to help them achieve their goals. Newport Beach Rotarians will offer optional activities on Friday, September 9, and Sunday, September 11, for Rotarians attending in person. The liaison for District 5150 is Rick Chinn of the Rotary Club of Millbrae.
Healthy Soils
Heathy soils and their role in food production are the topic for an all-virtual summit from Fort Collins, CO, which aims to minimize the event’s global footprint while allowing as many people to attend as possible. A session on healthy soils takes place in the morning, and hands-on projects in Colorado follow in the afternoon. Experts in healthy soils management from Colorado State University’s educational department and the Agricultural Extension Service in Fort Collins will be guest speakers. Attendees will discover how to advocate for the principles necessary to develop healthy soils and will be able to use their newfound knowledge for service opportunities, such as community gardens. District 5150’s liaison is John Mathers of the Rotary Club of San Francisco.
To learn more and register for a People of Action Summit, please visit https://rotarysummits.com/.