Rotary expands to nineclubs in China 
Rotary announced that In the past 12 months, it has grown the number of Rotary clubs from two to nine, as well as adding two Rotaract clubs and four Interact clubs.

Rotary Clubs

  • Rotary Club of Chengdu
  • Fresh Start Rotary Club of Shanghai
  • Rotary Club of Shanghai West (our first Chinese language club)
  • Rotary Club of Shanghai Pudong Lujiazui
  • Rotary Club of Suzhou
  • (Provisional) Rotary Club of Dalian

(Provisional) Rotary Club of Tianjin.

Rotaract Clubs

Two Rotaract clubs have been added in Shanghai:
  • Rotaract Club of Hult Shanghai
  • Rotaract Club of NYU Shanghai

Interact Clubs

Four new Interact clubs have been formalized:
  • Interact Club of Oxford International College (Changzhou) KS3
  • Interact Club of Oxford International College (Changzhou) KS4/5
  • Interact Club of Shanghai Community International School Hongqiao
  • Interact Club of Shanghai High School International Division
If visiting China, make an effort to visit one of the new Rotary clubs in China and welcome them to the world of Rotary!