The number of emails that crowd our inboxes is sometimes overwhelming. And the inevitable result is that many people ignore most of them, running the risk of missing important information. The Rotary Club of Tiburon-Belvedere decided to do something about it by collecting all the Rotary announcements and putting them in a weekly email, giving members a chance to stay informed by reading just one message from Rotary on the same day each week.
Research shows that people open emails sent out on Tuesday and Thursday more than any other day, and the club chose Tuesday because it’s the day before its regular meetings on Wednesday. Hence, the Tuesday Tattler, which contains meeting information, announcements, upcoming community services projects, opportunities for fellowship and more. The intent is to keep each item short so members can quickly scan the email, which include links if they’re available so members can get more information on the items that interest them. One of the keys to making the strategy work when it began was promoting it to members in person at meetings so they’d know to check their inboxes every Tuesday and look for Tuesday Tattler in the subject box.
With so much technology in our lives, it’s easy to become disconnected, so effective communication is important. The Tuesday Tattler is one way. What’s yours? If you have a great way to reach people, we’d love to hear about it.