Any Vitalant blood donation location near you
United States of America

Roll-up those sleeves, Rotarians.  Join the COVID Rescue Team when you donate blood at the Rotary District 5150 District-wide Virtual Blood Drive!

Why Give Blood?

There’s currently a critical blood shortage and blood donations are being distributed to hospital patients faster than donors are giving. These patients need your help to rebuild the blood supply to sufficient levels. Vitalant (our local blood bank) currently has less than a four-day supply of most blood types available, and less than a two-day supply of type O blood. They strive to always keep a four-day supply on hand to meet the needs of patients every day and be prepared for emergencies that would require significant volumes of donated blood products.

How to participate

In times when we canot be together in person, we can still be together in support of our community.  To participate in our virtual blood drive, follow these steps:

1) Sign-up for the virtual blood drive to receive an email invitation to schedule your blood donation appointment (click button below).



2) When your email arrives, click "Schedule Now" to book your appointment at any convenient blood donation location. Be sure to use the same email address you used to sign-up. This is important because it helps Vitalant connect your donation to the Rotary virtual blood drive.


3) Prepare for your donation by eating a healthy meal and drinking plenty of water.

4) Provide the same email address at the time of the donation.  Then, give blood and transform lives!