Know Where We're Going

You would no more guide any of your endeavors without a plan then you would travel to a distant city without a map of some sort. No organization can hope to succeed by not having a plan and simply hoping to stumble across success.


Rotary District 5150 is launching a strategic planning process to clearly define the best route for our organization to take in the years ahead.  To do this, we are casting a wide net to obtain volunteers that are interested in assisting with the development of the plan. 

Volunteers will be organized into committees to provide input and develop goals that will help us:
  • Increase our impact.
  • Expand our reach.
  • Enhance participant engagement.
  • Increase our ability to adapt.


A strategic plan helps leaders define their vision for the future and identify their organization's goals and objectives.  For Rotary District 5150, a strategic plan can be an aspirational roadmap guiding where our District can grow and how we'll achieve our goals.  Its a living document with Rotarian input so all of our clubs can benefit.



We’re looking for Rotarians to join us in developing a new strategic plan for Rotary District 5150. These members will provide a great deal of input on goals we hope to achieve through the implementation of the strategic plan. Volunteers will be organized into the following committees for this process:
  • Membership
  • Foundation
  • Public Image
  • Service Projects (local and global)
  • Youth
  • Club Service
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion*
You are needed.  Join us to help make this plan a success. 


*Diversity, Equity & Inclusions discussions will be led by our existing District DEI committee. However, you are welcome to join that effort!

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail."

-Benjamin Franklin