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Please help us provide clean water and irrigation for an orphanage near Quito, Ecuador. Marin Evening Rotary Club is sponsoring a Rotary Global Grant project to help with water and economic development for the Henry Davis orphanage. The orphanage serves 83 children in family style housing, and also operates a local private school.

WHAT WILL YOUR CONTRIBUTION DO: This project will provide a water well, storage tanks, pumps and water distribution system for the orphanage and school. It will also provide irrigation for growing fruit and vegetables for the orphanage. A tractor and farm equipment will also be purchased through the Rotary grant.

The Host club, Los Chillos Milenio Rotary Club, is highly experienced with Rotary Foundation projects. The total cost of the project is $75,000.


The Henry Davis orphanage is an Ecuador Foundation founded by American missionaries 53 years ago. They have 49 acres of land, with much of it available for farming production. The orphanage has capacity for 200 children, but only houses 83 now due to financial limitations. They want to develop additional income through farming; so they can admit more needy children. They currently have to turn down 2 or 3 children a month

Besides irrigation, the project will provide clean water for the school, which serves 250 students, and for the orphanage buildings. The orphanage is made up of small homes, with 6-8 children per home, living with a house parent. This is not an institutional setting. They seek to simulate family living. The project will immediately help the orphanage financially, as they currently spend $1,500 per month on water and $4,000 per month on vegetables.


This global grant project is open to all interested Rotary clubs, Districts and individuals who would like to participate. DDF and cash contributions are welcome.

For information on how you can be a partner in this project, contact Keith Axtell at, or call him at 415-924-5930.

More information is available on this project if needed.

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