District Rotarian of the Year
Steve Wright, RC of Pacifica

There are scores of Rotarians which serve on district committees, working quietly for years behind the scenes, and are our unsung heroes. This recipient is not like that!

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I have awarded Steve Wright, Rotary Club of Pacifica, our District Rotarian of the Year.   Steve has been our District Conference Chair (along with Colleen) for the last 3 years.   District Conference planning begins over a year before the actual event and requires hundreds of hours of contract and detail work, from assembling a team of volunteers, coordination, multiple on-site visits, lots of meetings, and then the surprises and problems on the of the day of the conference. Steve is also on our Grants Committee and part of the District Visioning team. He has been Assistant Governor, has been on many other district committees, and recently help write the RC of Pacifica Carmelita Global Grant water project.

DisCon18 Best Costume

Joe and Sheri T of the RC of Millbrae are new members (just over 1 year) embraced Rotary and became involved in club projects. During Ron’s DG visit, Joe was asked to play the part of Spock. Joe and Sheri handmade their C3PO and R2D2 costumes! The sewing Force is strong in them!

DisCon18 Best Pet Costume

I believe this is the first time we have had pets at district conference. (vs. having humans at a PETS conference!). Many individuals depend on their pets for comfort and like to travel with them. The “pet inclusiveness” started at the District Learning and Development Assembly 2017 when Ron bestowed a Paul Harris Fellow on Moo Moo Louie, a service dog which appeared in The Rotarian. (Opps, I didn’t know that PHF were for humans only)

Buddy (Laine Hendricks and Jenny Bates), a very young Golden Retriever dressed as Yoda

Hoagie (Lisa Dezodo and Jennifer), about an 8 year old Chihuahau was dressed as a mini Chewbacca