Youth Protection for Volunteers in all Rotary Youth Programs

Thank you for your interest in helping Rotary keep youth safe!

Rotary International has established guidelines for all Rotarians relative to working with youth. This includes any Rotarian, Rotarian partner, or volunteer who may have any contact with youth in a Rotary context. The number of requirements is dependent on the level of contact a Rotarian may have with a young person in any of our Rotary youth programs.

Completing the Youth Protection Certification process is now simple and online! The on-line Youth Protection Training Course (YPC) is the most basic training in the Rotary youth protection system. All Rotarians who interact with youth in any way should complete the on-line Volunteer Application and Youth Protection Training course and LiveScan fingerprinting process to become Youth Protection Certified.

If you are a Rotarian in District 5150, click on the “D5150 Rotarian” link to sign in and begin your Youth Protection process.

You will also find links to the new LiveScan Request Form, LiveScan Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s happening?
Starting in January 2020, all District 5150 Rotarians who connect with youth will need to complete an online Volunteer Application, watch an online training video, successfully complete a certification quiz, and complete the LiveScan process for state and FBI level fingerprints.

If I already did these things, why do I need to do them again?
We recognize that many Rotarians have completed some or all of these steps along the way, however, our paper tracking system is cumbersome and potentially incomplete. As we transition to a comprehensive, cloud based tracking system, the District has decided that this is a perfect opportunity start fresh, and all steps taken in connection with Youth Protection Certification must be completed under the new system.

When do I need to complete these steps by?
The transition period for all Rotarians to obtain Youth Protection Certification per these new standards is from January through July 2020. You need to complete all of these steps by July 31, 2020 to be considered Youth Protection Certified in 2020.

Do I need to do this if I don’t do anything with youth?
While District 5150 encourages all Rotarians to gain awareness of youth protection, Rotarians are required to obtain certification before you interact with youth in any way as a Rotarian.

What if I completed finger printing on a state level; how do I add the FBI level?
Even though your have completed LiveScan for D5150 in the past, we are now adding another layer of a background check which will check all 50 states. Please complete the LiveScan request form and follow the process found on the instructions for completing this part of the certification process.

How often will I need to re-certify going forward?
We recognize that information (and laws) change over time, and we don’t always remember things we learn later one. District 5150 now requires that Rotarians view the Youth Protection Training video and complete the quiz at least once every five years in order to maintain Certification.