Happy April, everyone:

Fun fact: April 11 is National Pet Day. You may be asking yourself... who cares?  Well... while animals cannot officially join Rotary (although they can join the Polio Plus Society Kennel Club), pets can teach us some important lessons about human engagement -- key factors to incorporate in our quest to CONNECT among our members, clubs and communities.

My monthly video dives deeper into this concept (with some cameos from your fellow Rotarians and their favorite furry or feathered friends): 

Fuzzy friends aside, there are two other important themes Rotary highlights during the month of April: Maternal and Child Health and Environmental Service.

Rotary’s Maternal and Child Health month aims to bolster the well-being of mothers and children globally, targeting challenges like healthcare access, nutrition, sanitation, and education. By focusing on this area, Rotary Club members strive to reduce mortality rates, enhance prenatal and postnatal care, promote immunization, and empowering communities through education and resources. Healthy mothers and children have a profound impact on societal advancement: by prioritizing this area of focus, Rotary members can foster a brighter, sustainable future for generations ahead.
Protecting the environment is essential for sustaining life on Earth, and Earth Day serves as a reminder of our responsibility to protect our planet. Environmental conservation goes beyond preserving natural beauty; it's about safeguarding the well-being of present and future generations. From combating climate change and preserving biodiversity to ensuring access to clean air and water, environmental protection is intertwined with our collective welfare. Rotary Club members can play a vital role in this cause by participating in an upcoming Rotary Day of Service event focused on environmental conservation. Through planting, cleanups, recycling, and education, Rotary members can help create a more sustainable and resilient world for everyone.
Finally, I want to congratulate all of the clubs that submitted applications for our annual Club Excellence Awards. Whether you submitted in one category or all eight, doing so is a reflection of your member's dedication to excellence and better ways of providing service both locally and globally.  I look forward to acknowledging all of our Club Excellence awardees at the Better Together Conference on May 17-19
Yours in Rotary,
Laine Hendricks
Rotary International District 5150 Governor 2023-2024
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