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Welcome to Rotary District 5150

Rotary District 5150 stretches across Marin, San Francisco and San Mateo counties of the San Francisco Bay area. Our Rotary club members are people of action and inspired individuals who translate their passions into relevant social causes to change lives in communities, both locally and globally. Rotary International forms a global network of business, professional, and community leaders who volunteer their time and talents to serve communities and form strong, lasting friendships in the process.

District Governor Message - September 2023

Happy September, Everyone.

Imagine: what would your daily life be like if you couldn’t read? Whether accomplishing the tasks of daily living… like interpreting a recipe to programming your thermostat… or succeeding in your career, the ability to consume and comprehend information is critical.

September is Basic Education and Literacy Month. Literacy serves as the cornerstone of education and personal development. It equips a person with the skills to comprehend, analyze and communicate, enabling them to participate fully in civic life, access opportunities, and contribute meaningfully to their communities. . .

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What is a simple way to demonstrate your commitment to Service Above Self and contribute to the broader mission of Rotary International to create lasting change both locally and globally?
Give to the Rotary Foundation.  And we hope that becomes an annual habit for all Rotary members.
“Every Rotarian, Every Year" (EREY) is a fundraising initiative and concept within Rotary International.  The EREY initiative encourages each Rotarian to donate to The Rotary Foundation on an annual basis. The funds raised through EREY are used to support the various programs and projects of Rotary International, including efforts related to education, health, clean water, disease prevention, peace, and economic development, among others.In addition to funding projects around the world, giving to The Rotary Foundation means your club earns District Designated Funds to enable your club to fund future local and global grand projects.
Congratulations to Joe Brennan of the Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay for being selected as Rotary District 5150's Rotarian of the Month for September 2023! Joe has been a Rotarian since 2000. He began his Rotary journey with the Rotary Club of San Francisco and then joined the Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay in 2013. Joe has served as Club President and is the consummate Rotarian. He attends every weekly meeting and participates in almost all of our Club's community service activities.
Dedication to his Community: Joe leads our Breakfast for the Needy Program for the Abundant Grace Coastside Worker Agency. Monthly, he organizes our Club members into two early morning teams to prepare a warm meal for our unhoused community members. 
For the past three years Joe has been part of a small team to assemble supplies for needy families served by Coastside Hope, an organization that our Club supports with District-Designated funds. Each month, Joe works with one or two other Club members to purchase and pack approximately $80 worth of household necessities for eight identified families.
As you know Rotary International President Gordon McAnally has inspired us to think about Creating Hope in the World and we can do so by ensuring we are practicing caring for ourselves and others this Rotary year. 
Each month we will take a moment to share a mental health moment to inspire you on how you can practice caring for yourself and others. 

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

For this month’s mental health moment, we have a special opportunity to highlight a nationally recognized period to provide suicide awareness. This is a topic is crucial to have within Rotary as nobody is immune from experiencing the effects of mental illness and/or addiction. Many of us know someone such as a friend, family member, co-worker or even a Rotarian that has attempted or died by suicide.  The disease does not discriminate, and to prevent it, neither can we.
This month, we encourage everyone to take a little time to educate and increase awareness of the signs of someone at risk for suicide and the resources available to help those who are struggling.
Each year, Rotary Clubs have the privilege and honor of suggesting candidates for District Governor from their club membership.  Our district has a great history of Rotarians – supported by their clubs – who have stepped up to the role.
District 5150 is seeking applications for our 2026-27 District Governor position.  One of the most important decisions we make in our District is choosing our future leadership.  We are seeking the most qualified person for the position of District Governor. 
Earlier this week, horrible fires fueled by a dry summer and strong winds from Hurricane Dora overtook the island paradise of Maui, Hawaii.  The historic town of Lahaina has been left to rubble.  The fires have already claimed the lives of more than 50 people and have become the state's deadliest natural disaster since 1960.  Its also the deadliest U.S. wildfire since the 2018 Camp Fire which devastated the community of Paradise, California.  Hawaiian Governor, Josh Green, estimates it will take billions of dollars to rebuild all of the communities affected and there is an urgent need to house thousands of people who have lost their homes to the blaze. 
Rotarians are People of Action and the Rotary members of Hawaii (District 5000) have created a fund to help with the relief and rebuilding effort. We welcome members and clubs who are interested in supporting the recovery effort to donate there.
Happy August, everyone:
Since the start of the year, I have had the opportunity to visit several clubs across all three counties and I continue to be reminded of the magic of Rotary. From youth cultural exchanges and supporting local families, to funding lifesaving surgeries and installing water wells (and more!).  I’ve met new members, prospective members, and our “seasoned” members: no matter the age or background, everyone is bonded by the desire to make a positive impact in our world. The stories you’ve share are heartwarming and extraordinary.  Thank you for all that you continue to do locally and around the world.  I look forward to more visits in the weeks ahead.
Congratulations to John Marshall of the Rotary Club of Ignacio for being selected as Rotary District 5150's Rotarian of the Month for August 2023! John has been a Rotarian since 1996. If you speak to almost any member of our Club about John, they will most likely say that he is the type of Rotarian that we all should aspire to be. In his almost 27 years as a Rotarian in our Club, he has been involved with every aspect.
Club Leader: John has served as Club President, has been active over the years on our Foundation Board as both a member and the Chair, and has been invaluable in our Club’s involvement in Relay for Life, the major fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. For years, he offered his hotel as the meeting site for the Club and was involved in the food and beverage needs of almost every event that the Rotary Club of Ignacio has hosted. John has also donated his site and services to District 5150 Events. 
Protecting The Environment
Rotary shares an interest in protecting our common legacy: the environment.
More than $18 million in funding from The Rotary Foundation has been allocated to environment-related projects over the past five years. Creating a distinct area of focus to support the environment gives Rotary members even more ways to bring about positive change in the world and increase our impact.

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